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BBNaija 2019: Ebuka under attack as Jackye allegedly receives death threat for calling Tacha ‘witch’



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BBNaija 2019: Ebuka under attack as Jackye allegedly receives death threat for calling Tacha ‘witch’

Big Brother Naija host, Ebuka has been criticized for putting up housemate, Jackye on the spot during Sunday night live eviction show.

Ebuka had during the Sunday eviction show confronted Jackye for accusing fellow housemate, Tacha of ‘witchcraft’.

However, Jackye denied calling Tacha a witch, adding that she only speculated some people brought charm to the house.

But, Jackye’s social media manager and boyfriend, Lami on his Instagram page on Monday revealed that ‘he woke up to a lot of death threats in Jackye’s inbox all because of how she was put on the spot by Ebuka’.

The post read: “Woke up to a lot of death threat in Jacky’s inbox all because of how she was put on the spot by Ebuka For all who watched the show, you’d know that it was Kaffy who said she had a dream and Jackye never mentioned Tacha’s name until she was put on the spot by Ebuka to mention names and I am wondering why Kaffy wasn’t also put on the spot.

“Kaffy and Jackye bonded like sisters and I expected Kaffy to have taken a stand for Jackye on how the conversation started but it’s a game therefore there would be all sorts of betrayal and inner plans. I am sure people who know Jackye personally know what she truly stands for integrity and truth.

“Come to think of it, why didn’t Ebuka call out Efe when he called Tboss a witch and why didn’t he caution Ceec when she attacked Tobi? I may not be politically correct with this but in my opinion, it was a wrong move from Ebuka who is supposed to be a professional, abi you dey add the #pepperdem now not the housemates themselves.

“Out of all the beautiful convos she has had in the house, he never asked her why her mood was dull and all rather chose to spotlight a conversation that will sharpen narrative towards the person he may be rooting for.

“To Ebuka, I don’t know you, I have never met you but please don’t use your own to pour sand inside Jackye’s garri and now that you’ve used yours to attract death threats for her while she’s in the house, I hope you’re happy right.

“Let it be clear that Jackye never called Tacha a witch and we are very proud she never denied the conversation too rather she took the entire shame and chinned up as a sting lady should. Jackye may not have responded to the question rightly on the spot because she probably didn’t want to put blames on anyone when things go wrong and her name is mentioned but I am sure she’d learn from this event and make proper adjustment hopefully.

“I pray for all those sending the death threats to find peace and be happy. To those that truly love Jackye, May God continue to bless you.

“The rest is history. With team Jackye we stand, I love you Jackye even when the world calls you names you’re not and I will be here for you till the end.”

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