Esther disappointed with her team’s loss

Team Enigma won this week’s Wager in the Big Brother Naija House and as usual, it was accompanied with some bittersweet moments.

While team Enigma was making a racket about their victory, team Legends were in all shades of pain (which they didn’t bother to hide) especially as Big Brother prepared their minds for a punishment they will serve.

Esther was really sad about her team’s loss though she didn’t open any floodgates of tears, her mood wasn’t upbeat either.

Esther told Frodd that she couldn’t just snap out of it. Obviously, her misery was looking for company but Frodd anticipated this and encouraged her to move on.

While Omashola was schooling his team on the importance of rehearsals, Seyi was giving an appreciation speech to his team for presenting a performance that sealed their victory.

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