BBNaija’s Seyi girlfriend, Adesewa Adeyemo has said Tacha is a strong and confident lady like her.

Though Seyi’s friendship with Tacha didn’t last for long after they both left the ‘Secret Room’, viewers of the BBNaija 2019 were hoping something could happen between the ex-housemates.

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In a brief chat with Pulse, Adesewa tries to mirror some of the characteristics which Seyi might have seen in Tacha to have told Venita that the ex-housemate possesses some qualities like her.

She said, “I can’t really say what he saw in Tacha for him to say he saw some of my qualities in her but maybe because she’s a strong person and I’m a strong woman as well and she’s resilient, if she sees something and she wants it, she goes for it. 

“She’Wrote This;

(Tacha) confident, so that’s probably the things he saw that made him say those things he said. Again, I didn’t watch so I can’t say this is exactly what he saw but based on the few videos that I have watched, I can say she’s a strong person and maybe that’s the reason.”

Continuing, Adesewa denied ever getting threatened at some point when Seyi got close to Tacha during the show.

After a heated argument during the week, Seyi and Tacha got down on the the dance floor at the 10th Saturday Night Party [Twitter/BBNaija]

She said, “I was not threatened at all despite his closeness to Tacha because I know Seyi. he’s a very nice person. If he sees someone in need or he sees someone down or needs a little bit of love, irrespective, he will give it, so I wasn’t threatened or worried because I saw him offering and lending a hand of friendship to her and that’s all I saw it as but Nigerians, people will put things together but I didn’t let that get to me.

Adesewa also disclosed that even though she was a bit skeptical about giving Seyi her consent at first, she reconsidered and decided to let him participate after they both talked about it.

She said,

Initially, I was a bit skeptical due to the negative stigma the show has but I spoke to my mum about it, I spoke to him about it and he just made realise it’s what he wants to do and I just had to support him because there is no point holding him back and end up regretting not going or I would end up regretting not trusting him enough to let him go.”

BBnaija Seyi’s girlfriend, Adesewa Adeyemo says she feels Tacha is a strong and confident lady.

Knowing Seyi for over four years, Adesewa revealed that she gave him the necklace he wore throughout his 99-days stay in the house to keep reminding him of her.

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I gave him a necklace when he was going in and he always kept it on so whenever I see the necklace, it is a reminder that whatever I read or see, he’s still my Seyi, he’s still faithful, he still remembers me and that is all that matters to me. It got to me a bit but the reminder he gave me was well enough,” Adesewa disclosed.

The young lady, who says God’s time is when she will walk down the aisle with Seyi, further noted that she missed Seyi just as much as he missed her while in the house and as each week passed, she looked forward to seeing him. She also acknowledged that he made her and the entire family proud