To the surprise of many, Khafi has not only moved on successfully after Gedoni’s exit but also received it with a celebration of big wins.

Winning a car in the Innoson Task was in fact, the beginning of her victory songs in Biggie’s House.

Khafi’s love partner, Gedoni, was evicted alongside Jackye on Sunday after scoring low votes.

From the tears to her first HoH win, she’s taught us how to handle a loss like a pro. Let’s take a look at her journey.

Stage One: The Mourning

As Gedoni walked through the doors, the overly cheerful Khafi got enveloped with gloom as she filled the House with her tears. This was followed with consolation messages from the other Housemates and a consolation gift from Frodd – Gedoni’s cap.

Days after, she was still seen sniffing his cap and holding on to his pillows. When people are grieving over the loss of a loved one, they tend to exhibit different reactions to express their emotions and this was evident with Khafi.

A Big Win

What’s better than winning a brand new car? Winning the Head of House badge just after.

Khafi got the perfect consolation gift for herself this week, winning the HoH Challenge. Interestingly, her reign has been one of the great ones in the Pepper Dem House, which makes the transition for her a really smooth one. Who would have thought she would be able to handle her post well? Considering her mood after Gedoni’s Eviction, Khafi has been doing a pretty good job in her role as the leader of the pack.

Everyone gets a hug!

Eviction gloom or not, nothing can stop the ever cheerful Khafi from giving out free hugs and smiles. Still her jovial self, Khafi has made it a rule to give hugs to her fellow Housemates whenever she performs her HoH duties of changing batteries. While some appreciate the gesture, others like Esther do not find it appealing. The exit of Gedoni brought her closer to other members of the Pepper Dem Gang.

Nonetheless, the majority of the Pepper Dem Gang have acknowledged her ability to remain cheerful and bubbly in the House

Distractions: A Blessing in Disguise

We’re not sure if it’s therapeutic or just a source of distraction but Khafi has taken it upon herself to drown herself with cleaning duties every now and then. Aside the hugs, she has also developed a close bond with Omashola within the past few days. From helping her with her nail polish to listening to her thoughts about Gedoni, Omashola has been a shoulder to cry on. Well, with their friendship, this goes both ways.

The Cure Called Friends
Picking Tacha as her HoH room partner was a second choice and left to Khafi, she wanted to mourn Gedoni’s Eviction alone in the room. Aside being resident best friends, we remember seeing Tacha console her friend on Sunday after Gedoni’s Eviction so it was no surprise hearing her selection.

From sharing pranks to sharing plans on how to win the HoH badge again and of course, sharing a bed, one cannot deny that Tacha and Khafi’s bond has waxed stronger in the House since they became roommates.

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