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BBNaija 2019: Sir Dee Biography, Wiki, Net worth, House Age, Parents, relationsh



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BBNaija 2019: Sir Dee Biography, Wiki, Net worth, House Age, Parents, relationsh



All what you need to know about Sir Dee Biography

Sir Dee, official name Atteh Daniel Tioluwa, is a financier and visual fashioner from Kaduna State. He cherishes football, tabletop games and motion pictures.

His most loved ever? Any of the motion pictures in the Lord of the Rings establishment. Sir Dee, who is seeing someone, in being “the best form of myself consistently” – and considers whistling one of his mystery gifts.

Sir Dee Table Of Content

State Of Origin: Kaduna State.

Date Of Birth:    27-year-old



Real Name:      Atteh Daniel Tioluwa,


        History Of BBnaija Sir Dee

If he were a creature, this 27-year-old would be a lion. “I am royal, noble, however, won’t dither to shield those I cherish.” As much as the prize cash is significant, winning isn’t Sir Dee’s definitive point.

“The way that I will be separated from everybody I realize should shape new connections in an encased domain is energizing to me.”

What disturbs you most about other individuals: I despise individuals who are manipulative and stooping.

What will you do with the prize cash: Pay for an outing for my folks, my child sibling, and myself to see my sister in the UK. I’d likewise give a specific add up to my sister and after that put resources into my business, in addition to other things.

For what reason will you be a fan top choice: I am practical and exceptionally unique. I have an incredible comical inclination and am very mocking, and fun loving. There will never be a dull minute in the house, with me around.

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