Saturday nights are no joke in Big Brother’s house and for the first Saturday night party, the Lockdown housemates were fixed to turn up to Sarz on the wheels of steel and a special appearance by Omah Lay.

However, the party kicked off slowly with housemates proving to be more smitten with having their photos taken than getting any real

moves in. Here is everything that went down at the official opening Saturday night party.

Weird playlist, off mix sounds and persistent pauses forced the already gingered housemates to opt for the chairs at intervals. Sarz, who was
billed to be on the wheels, took to Twitter shortly after to announce that he wasn’t deejaying due to a technical glitch.

While it is unclear if the pair shared a kiss or a behind Tolanibaj’s wig moment, fans think their moment might be the start of a new situation ship, one that might be at the detriment of Erica who has been getting comfortable around Kiddwaya.

Omah Lay was MIA

The singer who was billed to perform live at the show was also conspicuously absent probably due to the technical errors.

Tolanibaj, Erica and Ka3na proved themselves as the indisputable dance queens

Ka3na and Erica [BHM]

Thankfully, housemates TolanibajErica and Ka3na, did not let the glitch get in the way of their fun night. The housemates took over the

dance floor with major dance moves.

Wathoni and Erica [BHM]

Wathoni and Erica [BHM]

Either Wathoni had a lot on her mind or she wasn’t feeling the party. The housemate had eyes largely for the mirrors and seemed to be a

loner for the most part of the night except for a few minutes of joining other housemates with little to no moves.

Erica and Nengi had a candid talk about their relationship

Right after the party, Erica and Nengi, the self-acclaimed hottest girls in the house spoke about their relationship in the house and feeling distanced from each other. They both hugged and clarified that they were cool and were in no silent competition.



Erica also cleared the air on her initial ship with Eric and interestingly, she revealed that she never had any intention to date him. The pair

agreed to communicate in future if they ever felt uncool.

Finally! Our first BBNaija Lockdown kiss is between Kiddwaya and Wathoni

Kiddwaya and Wathoni share a kiss [Twitter/@bbnaija]

Certainly the most unanticipated duo. Right after the party, the housemates tried to fix a game of truth and dare that fell through. The first participants, Kiddwaya and Wathoni shared a 20-second kiss to the excitement of the housemates.