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BBnaija: Mercy Fans Chidi Bright Vigorously Insult Ike By Calling Him Lunatic And Deportee Criminal ( Screenshot)



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BBnaija: Mercy Fans Chidi Bright Vigorously Insult Ike By Calling Him Lunatic And Deportee Criminal ( Screenshot)

Mercy Eke who emerged the winner of the Big Brother Naija Season4 fans has been dragging Ike, Mercy’s boyfriend and Big Brother Naija house mate for having an Instagram live video chat with

Tacha whom they see to be their favorite’s rivalry.  

Ike and Tacha have been chit-chatting on social media lately, unknowingly infuriating Mercy’s fans

and that has triggered and gingered Chidi to come at Ike with all manner disgusting words at him.

most serious ridiculous beef.

Chidi bright a self-made detective and self-acclaimed spokes person for the US interpool on

criminal issues has named IKE a former housemate a criminal.

IKE has been on the spot light after the end of BBNAIJA this year as far as places and locations

are concern, we all know how powerful and resourceful America security agencies are, and will act

swiftly and cautiously to arrest any person who has ever lived or stayed in their country to commit any crime. If truly Mr.

Chidi’s allegation are true, I’m wondering why IKE has not been arrested by the US Interpol till now.

Any body following the BBNAIJA 2019 fiasco will attest to this that Mr. Chidi, the self-acclaimed American spokesperson deliberately bad mouthing and witch-hunt IKE just to tarnish his image.

Has anybody wondered why this allegation didn’t come out, till IKE live video with Tacha and also Sir Dee, before Mr. Chidi decided to spit filth about IKE?

I, for one after watching IKE in the BBNAIJA house can attest that, IKE was a free bird, cool and gentle but full of vibes. He was one of the harmless housemates of the season and I know most people can confirm to that.  There is a saying that lies always spread quickly and fast, whiles the naked truth is hidden and taken it time to fly out there.

Mr. Chidi’s lies about IKE has spread like wildfire just because of bitterness and hatred, but whether

good or bad the truth always stands out.

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