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Bbnaija 2019 News: When is BbNaija Show Starting? See Reason for the Delay – Is The Show Cancelled? See All The Answers Here



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When is Big Brother Naija Show Starting? See Reason for the Delay – Is The Show Cancelled? See All The Answers Here

Hello Big Brother Naija fans, we quite understand how disappointed you are now about the postponement of the commencement date of your favorite reality show.

In this article,  we’ll address possible reasons for the temporary suspension of the show.

So, if you’ve been asking to know when Big Brother Naija 2019 is starting, relax we’re covering every issue as regards bbnaija 2019 start date.

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Earlier in February, the organizers had announced to our delight that the big brother channel would come alive. Everyone expected the show proper to start immediately after the reunion. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be.

In fact, the organizers have suddenly maintained dead silence since after the bbnaija reunion which was scheduled to end on March 31st. A check on the social handles shows the last activity to be weeks ago.

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Has Big Brother Naija 2019 Been Cancelled?

As usual, especially in Nigeria, romours fly pretty fast. Wherever there’s communication gap, romor mongers churn out just anything to fill the lacuna.

Presently, there’s a rumor that the show has been cancelled. However, we can authoritatively report that that’s far from the truth. It’s just a temporary delay caused by a few factors.

Why the Big Brother Naija 2019 Start Date is Delayed

Months back, we got unofficial briefings that the show will be suspended because of the general elections.

Aside competing for attention, the organizers were planning against any unforseen reactions that may come up due to the election. However, weeks after the election, there’s still no announcement of the starting date.

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After all attempts to get official statements on the delay proved futile, we went ahead to get just any reasonable info.

According to an unreliable source, the reason for the delay may be because of the failure to meet construction schedules of the new Big Brother Naija House in Nigeria.

According to our source, the building was projected to be ready long before now. But unfortunately, the tech features could not be certified all set.

However work is in full gear, and we hope everything will be in place soonest.

BBNaija 2019 Start Date

Traditionally (the past 2 seasons), Big Brother Naija hits the screen in January. However, the first season was lunched in March.

Also, the event proper starts between one and two months after the audition. Recall that the 2019 audition was held in February.

When is Big Brother Naija 2019 Starting?

We assured our fans during the auditions to expect the show after the election season. Technically, in Nigeria elections go beyond the days of voting. It extends almost till May 29. Or after the inaugurations. The fact is, Nigeria is a fragile state where the slightest political provocation could spiral into a major crisis.

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While we would not give you a specific date, we believe the official announcement will be made soon. We hope it comes not later than May.

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