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BBNaija Reunion Show: Cee-C & Alex Hug Themselves{Video }



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BBNaija Reunion Show: Cee-C & Alex Hug Themselves

BBNaija cee-c and Alex

After their tensed and heated argument on the Big brother Naija reunion show, Alex and Cee-C have hugged out their differences (for now).

After 48 hours after Alex left the show with tears in her eyes, she is back and for now it seems but the rivalry between them has lapsed if everything being displayed on the TV is real after all.

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Recall that  NIGERIA NEWS had reported that Alex walks out of the show as a result of a heated argument on Tobi relation with Alex which Cee-C claimed Nina told her that Tobi and Alex had something together on their way to Nigeria after the show.

When Alex walked out the show, Cee-C followed her in which they tried to sort out things themselves well, at least for now.

NIGERIA NEWS had reported Alex claimed Cee-C tried ‘begging’ Tobi after the show and Cee-C alleged that Nina told her she (Alex) and Tobi had sex.

Watch the videos of them hugging here


Embedded video

Embedded video

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