A Nigerian beauty queen, Onwuzuligbo Nneka Miriam has passed out a surgery meant for buttocks enlargement went wrong.

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Miriam was the 2013 winner of The Face of Democracy Transformation.

She died on the 3rd of February after falling into coma from December 30th when the surgical operation was proceeded.

It was said that the American uncertified surgeon Dr Anu, who worked on her has several cases and records of surgery failures and complications.

Infact, recently two top Lagos Big Babes have been victims of Dr. Anu’s misplaced professional ethics and operations, which led to improper shift of their buttocks during the surgeries.

The surgery on the beauty queen went wrong when fats that where meant to be transferred to her hips got into her lungs and caused her to drift into coma, even after she was immediately rushed to Vedic Hospital in Lekki, where she was placed on life support, before she was transferred to Lagos University Teaching Hospital, which was where she died 32 days after while in coma.

See her photos below;

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