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God spoke to me last night on what to do to heal Nigeria of Coronavirus” – Kemi Olunloyo



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Controversial Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyohas made claims that God spoke to her in her dream last night on what she needs to do in order to heal and save Nigeria of from the pangs of deadly Coronavirus.

According to her, she had a terrible dream last night which had her wake trice before day break.

She said God personally instructed her to unblock all the people she has blocked in the past to enable them have access to the information she will be sharing as soon as she commences her divinely ordained project of saving Nigeria from Covid-19.

The journalist also stated that God asked her to empty her life savings for the said project.

Writing further, she reveals that God warned her not be in talking terms with anyone while executing the said divine project.

Mrs. Kemi Olunloyo, taking to the microblogging platform, tweeted the following:

#BREAKING HOLY WEEK REVELATION???????????????? I had a BAD BAD DREAM last night! I’m a self professed Evangelist @Evangelistkemi and God spoke to me and woke me up 3 times overnight about #COVID19. He said I’m the one he chose to heal Nigeria not the Government or the Church. Said if I don’t people will DIE massively.

He told me to unblock people and massively start educating everyone. He says I should empty my bank account and start funding #IJcovid19 with my entire life savings with no penny left???? He’s treating me like Job in the Bible. I must obey him. I skipped a heart beat at 3am telling him I will obey. He also told me to REVIVE the hashtag #ProtectNigeria. I begin God’s word and work today. He also told me I cannot talk to anyone during this assignment and work around the clock???????????? I Begin now. Pray for me

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