How to Become a Successful Blogger

Anyone can become a blogger. It does not matter how you start it, whether with a free blog or a self-hosted WordPress blog. All that matters is that after all, you are a blogger.

Though it will take you less than 30 minutes to set up your own blog, however, it doesn’t end at creating a blog, there are basic tips every newbie blogger must know, that you too must learn, master, and begin to do.

There are many reasons why people go into blogging, as you will find out later in this article, however, the most and consistent reason no doubt, is the quest to make money.

Hence, to make money from your blog, your blog must be doing well. Having said this let’s now consider some of the reasons why people go into blogging.

Why Do People Blog?

1. People blog to get their written works on the internet, so the world will see what they do. It is not just about written works. Any type of skill can be shown to the world through blogging.

2. Some people are information savvy. These sets of people set up a blog to share the information they gathered among their audience.

3. Some people blog so as to open their minds to new ideas. Many write blogs just to improve their writing ability.

4. People blog to make money online. This I believe is the motivation for blogging. This may not necessarily be through ads network, It can also be through affiliate marketing.

Ways to Become a Successful Blogger

Here a few ways to become a successful blogger.

1. Be different and Original

One thing consistent thing you will hear from pro bloggers, especially when giving tips and advice to newbie bloggers is to be unique and original.

There are thousands of bloggers in the world today. How do you intend the make a difference when you fall in like every other blogger? Hence, it is your difference that will separate you from every other person.

To be unique, it means you must create your own way of passing across information on your blog. Think outside the box and be innovative. Every successful blogger brings into the market what does not already exist.

2. Let Consistency Lead the Way

Being able to reproduce the same quality of content each time you publish a blog post is a step to becoming a successful blogger. This goes as far as giving your audience or readers what to expect from your blog.

Since you are building a brand that I believe you want to be unique, your writing style, blog structure and all should bear always the stamp of that brand you intend to build.

I do not mean stamp in the literal sense of it; I mean you should be YOU every time and not ‘YOU’ this time and ‘ANOTHER’ the next time.

In the same vein, create a sort of publishing schedule. You could post as often as you can, but make it consistent and valuable to your audience.

By creating a posting schedule, you will be a disciplined blogger as far as you want to attain your goal.

The consistency I am talking about should also reflect on your social media sharing, as it is wonderful to be present in all social media platforms.

However, for the start, you may not be able to dominate all social media platforms. Choose at least three platforms, say Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and build a huge reliable audience through informative, relevant and engaging posts.

Whichever social platforms you choose to drive audience to your site, make sure you are ‘on-ground’ there.

Being consistent with your blogging activities will place you on top of your skill and give your audience the impression that you are a master who knows what he is doing.

3. You Must Invest in other to Harvest

Becoming a successful blogger is not an easy one. It requires a lot of effort and sacrifice. Therefore, it is a business you must invest in. Invest in yourself and invest in your blog too.

This is where new bloggers get it wrong. After setting up their blog, they would want to start earning immediately. No! It doesn’t work that way.

You must invest your money and time in order to make a harvest of something worthwhile. You can start by creating a Professional Blog if you don’t have one.

Take courses, read books and make research and be a master of your niche. Open your mind to suggestions and don’t be locked out of the pool of knowledge on the internet. Create original and relevant content. Advertise your blog if you can.

4. Write SEO Content

Writing a good article and publish on your blog will add no value to anybody if it is not read. How will people read your article if they can’t find it?

Hence, one of the ways to become a successful blogger is to write SEO content. By writing SEO content, I mean optimizing your article so that it becomes easy to rank on Google Search Engine Pages (SERPs).

It is important your write SEO content. Ensure that your focus is to write good content that will be readable and valuable to humans.

At the same time, also ensure your content is well optimized and clear for Google to be able to understand it and rank it appropriately.

In a simple sentence, balance your articles so it is clear for humans to read, and clear for Google to rank.

Ranking high on Google may take time, but consistency, and following SEO tips will get your articles on Google front page.

Aside from writing your content so that it can rank well on Google and drive organic traffic to your blog, you should also consider sharing your content on social media and forums.

This will also drive traffic to your site and complement your organic traffic.

5. Selling Products is Not Forbidden

I already pointed out that one of the goals of every blogging endeavor is to make money. Hence, one of the ways to judge a successful blogger is if he makes money consistently from his blog.

The products you sell on your blog may not necessarily be yours. You can market other company’s products or services on your blog. You can also monetize your site through Adsense.

Not only that you can use Adsense to make money from your blog, but Adsense can also be used to make Youtube channels. There are many Affiliate program you can join, and begin to make money.

6. Build your Email List and Social Media Followers.

One mistake most bloggers make is that they don’t grow their social media followers and email list on time. One common practice among pro bloggers is that they grow their social media followers and email lists.

Hence, if you must become a successful blogger, you too must begin to observe these practices. You will not make much success in blogging if you don’t have social media followers.

There are people that will visit your blog once and may never visit it again. However, If you can get their email, or get them to follow you on social media, then there are increased chances that they will be visiting your blog more often.

All you have to do is that each time you publish a great blog post that you think they might be interested in, share it on social media and email it to your email subscribers.


Becoming successful, not just in blogging, but in everything, requires conscious effort. It doesn’t just happen. You must be determined, and you must be willing to learn, relearn and learn.

Don’t assume you know it all. Follow bloggers that are already successful, and learn what they do. In no distance time, you too will get there.

If you don’t have a blog of your own, follow our step by step guide to creating a beautiful WordPress blog.


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