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How to Fill Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Audition Form for Season 5 2020



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How to Fill Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Audition Form for Season 5 2020

The Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) season 5 audition form is now available online via the audition website. I have been receiving many questions regarding how to fill the audition form. In the following paragraphs below, I have highlighted how you can answer the questions in the Big Brother Naija audition from for season 5. Follow the guidelines given below

Before you fill the form, note that all the mandatory fields (marked by *) must be filled.

  • First Name

Your first name is usually your English name but depending on which you are frequently called by those who know you. It can also be your traditional name. You can as well fill in two names in this space.

  • Surname

Your surname is your Father or grandfather’s name. It depends on whichever one you used in your credentials.

  • Nickname (Not compulsory)

Your Nickname is the name you wish to be called during the show. You can leave this space blank if you dont have any nickname.

  • BBN Name

Ensure you fill in the name you want to be called during the big brother Naija reality show. This space is compulsory and you can’t leave it blank. Your BBN name can be any of your names or your nickname.

  • Short Bio

You are required to write a short bio about yourself. The bio should include your name, state of origin, age, education, occupation, hobbies and special interest.

  • Date of Birth

Ensure you fill in your date of birth. You will automatically be disqualified if you are younger than 21 years.

  • Place of Birth

Enter your place of birth and also include the state.

  • State/Country

Ensure you fill in your state of origin and select Nigeria as your country. Note that this show is restricted to Nigerians alone. Other country citizen will be disqualified outrightly.

  • I Currently Live In

State the country you live in if you are not based in Nigeria. Fill in Nigeria if you are based here.

  • Family From

State where your family is from. Your tribe preferably

  • Father Born In

Enter the name of village/town your father was born.

  • Mother Born In

Enter the name of village/town your mother was born.

  • Marital Status

Enter your marital status i.e. married, single divorced

  • Age

Enter your age. Make sure you are older than 21 years.

  • Height (meter)

Enter your height in meters. If you don’t know your height in meters, you can search on google for online converter to convert your height from inches to meter.

  • Weight (kg)

Enter your weight in kilogram (kg)

  • Sex

Your sex should be male or female

  • Occupation

State your occupation. You can also fill in student if you are still in school.

  • Education

State the level of education you have acquired i.e SSCE, B.Sc, M.Sc, PhD.

  • Please indicate whether you are Nigerian citizen

Ensure you indicate that you are a Nigerian citizen. Note that this is very important.

  • Nationality

Your Nationality should be Nigerian

  • Passport Number

Note that before you enter the BBN show, you must have a Nigerian passport.

  • Native language(s)

Enter your native languages(s). It does not matter if you can speak it fluently.

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  • Other language(s): (indicate read, write, speak)

Enter other languages you can read, speak or write.

  • Children or dependents: (age, gender, relationship)

State the number of children or people that depend on you for their basic needs. Indicate their age, gender and relationship.

  • Hobbies

State your hobbies

  • Physical Address

Enter your home address.

  • Postal Address

Your postal address is the address where you can receive mails. You can use a post office address close to you if you don’t have any postal address.

  • Day Phone Number (not compulsory)

This option is not compulsory. You can as well enter your mobile number

  • Mobile Number

Enter your working mobile number

  • Email

Enter your working email address. You will be contacted if you are selected for the second phase of the audition. So, ensure the email address is entered correctly.

  • Retype your Email

Retype your email address you entered above just to make sure that it is entered correctly.

  • Are you familiar with the show?

Tick the box if you are familiar with the show. I will advise you don’t leave this box blank.

  • Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Handles

Enter your social media usernames. Create one if you don’t have any. This Is very necessary for your selection for the second phase.

  • Upload Face Picture (Up to 10Mb)

Upload a face picture of you. You can use any background but I will recommend you to use white background and don’t wear white shirt if you are using white background. The picture format/extension can be JPG, PGN, JPEG.

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