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Things About Roksie Ultimate Love Couple 2020 (Kachi and Rosie) Profile, Picture



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Things About Roksie Ultimate Love Couple 2020 (Kachi and Rosie) Profile, Picture

Here is brief history of this wonderful couples in ultimate love 2020 reality tv show .

Before i start analyzing their love history let my give you their profiles .

Here is The Biography of Rosie

A beauty who is passionate about grooming the next generation has been described as one of the first you can

describe as pretty in the love pad. Coming on the show for her is her own way of telling the world that she is not

ready to give-up on love.

Rosie Children | Rosie Son’s Picture

Image result for Rosie And Kachi Pictures

On The 11th of march rosie open up to her secrete to her lover that she has two kids .

The story of Rosie and kachi and the love they have come to develop for each other

now, is the soul of this ultimate love show .

You dont rush yourself into love that you intended to last for lifetime . you take time to know each

other,build trust and then give love a chance . Rosie took her time to know kachi , test his patience and trust

and then open up love. to me that is the ultimate love .

in other to understand it the more , Rosie told chiddy that she trust before she can love , He also told chiddy she

is afraid of losing kachi out there . i know love has come to stay between this two and no doubt we can see it.

Rosie State Of Origin

The Ogun State native is never short on smiles with her dream proposal happening on the beach in the middle of a dreamy

sunset. Love at first sight to her means more than the physical and is determined by whether she feels a meaningful connection

with  a person.

Kachi Profile

Kachi Ultimate Love Biography

The latest reality tv show ultimate love is finally here, let’s get to meet our Ultimate love 2020 contestants which started on

February 9th. Find out more information about ultimate love contestants using our profile guide below.

Here is the full list of the twenty-three(23) Ultimate Love housemates and contestants which were successful during the audition

and are currently present in the Love Pad (Ultimate Love house) for the first season (season 1) of the reality tv show.

There are currently 23 love guests in the Ultimate Love house which comprises of 11 females and 12 males. Their main goal being

in the show is to find real life long love within the 8 weeks duration of the show. The Ultimate price is an all-expense paid wedding

and a fully furnished dream home.

Rosie And Kachi Pictures | Roksie Pictures

Image result for Rosie And Kachi Pictures

Love Mood

Image result for Rosie And Kachi Pictures


Image result for Rosie And Kachi Pictures

Roksie History

They might have had a few glitches to the start of their relationship but Roksie looks solid and ready to sail through the waves of Love

and hopefully emerge as the Ultimate Couple. As one of the first couples to become quite close, the rekindling of this romance should be

something to behold.

How To Vote Roksie

ROKSIE SMS Voting on Ultimate Love reality show 2020

You can vote using each couples name in an SMS. For example to vote ROKSIE, the winner of Ultimate Love season 4 (2019)

show, simply type VOTE ROKSIE in a SMS and send to 32052

Example: VOTE ROKSIE to 32052.

Voting through SMS is limited to 100 votes per person.

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