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 Things You Need To Know About Opay | History Of Opay | How To Register For Opay In Uyo



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 Things You Need To Know About Opay , History Of Opay


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welcome to the opay platform, first we need to do a brief history of opay and how it started.

OPay offers freedom and security to all in Nigeria thanks to unparalleled mobile money

service. Pay the bills, transfer and receive money to the fullest.

OPay is a company founded by Opera Norway AS group in 2018 to offer unique payment

solutions for businesses and retail customers in Nigeria, Kenya and across Africa. In August 2018,

Opay was launched as a product in Nigeria and since then, it’s been on a journey of constant growth. In December OPay processed 11 Billion Naira working with over 5,000 agents.

OPay is a payment platform developed by Opera Software. The platform allows our users to

buy and pay for services and products through your mobile or web browser. … The services we


initially they include basic services such as the purchase of mobile data and the payment of public

utility services such as electricity.

How To Install Opay App In Your Phone


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Here is a special link to download and also install your opay Apps  to your smart phone without spending  time and money .

Click This link To download]

 Steps On How To Used Opay App

Opera, in simple terms, is positioning itself as the Internet for the next generation of Africans

who will be online, just like Facebook and Google are key platforms for the current generation of

digital natives.

It should be noted that the Opera is run by the Chinese because its interaction adapts to the love relationship between Africa and China.

Visit then tap the burger menu.
Click Log In and enter your phone number and you will receive a code once used for authentication.

You will do this whenever you want to access OPay.
You also have the option to delete the account.
Touch the transmission time, then enter the number you wish to purchase.
Enter the amount of Airtime you wish to purchase
Proceed with entering the number corresponding to the cash payment via MPESA
Pay according to the details provided by OperaPay as shown below
Payment options supported
At launch, OPay already supports some of the main payment methods available in the country

suchas MPESA, Airtel Money, VISA and MasterCard.

The extras
As an introductory offer, Opera offers users a couple of delicacies. Users will earn a 100% bonus up

to Ksh 200 by making their first deposit on the wallet. It can be used to pay for services or buy transmission times on the same platform. In addition, users receive a 20% refund in their wallet for

each transmission time purchased.

Over 80 percent of the country’s population has access to a mobile phone. These people use phones

to pay for goods and services, “says Nuno Sitima, executive vice president of payments and Fintech, Opera Software AS.”

Opay Official partners

We realise that we can’t walk this road alone so we have partnered with all these incredible brands to create a seamless user experience for OPay customers.

Master CardVisaGTBAccessUnityFidelitySterlingZenithUBAWEMA

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