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Watch BBNaija Alex Having Fun With Her Younger Sister {Video}



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Watch BBNaija Alex Having Fun With Her Younger Sister {Video}

Times and times I’ve wondered what my life would have been without you (forever incomplete). Yes you are my younger sister but you take care of me like you are older than I am. I know you can be annoying ???????? you can make me go late all the time but you know I love you unconditionally. For the world, I won’t trade you. I’ve stressed you in this life ????.
How much am I owing you sef ?????. This one has pilled up my “I’ll pay back tomorrow” since secondary school. Thanks for loving me the way you do. Thanks for all the times you reported me to dad and Mum (report card oshi)????. Thanks for covering up major crimes ????????????. Thanks for being that one person in our family that understands everyone.
Thanks for being our most enduring family member. Thanks for always having my back. Thanks for being a mum, a sister and a friend to me. You are always trying to investigate everything about me, stop snooping around, I’ve grown ????????.
You think I don’t know abi? As you turn 21 today, may God bless your new age. May you be lead and covered by God. May your happiness know no bounds. May prosperity and progress be your name. May positivity surround you.
May you have no limitations as regards moving moving forward. I love you little sis ???? @teez_dora But wait o, graduate like you, listen to what you spoke ???????? olodo ????????????. Don’t come for me abeg!! ???????? Happy birthday
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