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Who Is The Owner Of Opay | Biography Of Iniabasi Akpan, Age, State Of Origin, Education Career, Professional Career, Opay Manager Nigeria 



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Who Is The Owner Of Opay | Biography Of Iniabasi Akpan, Age, State Of

Origin, Education Career, Professional Career, Opay Manager Nigeria

Here is an official biography of opay founder both in Nigerian and world wide.

in these article we the crew of bbnaija grew will tell you the real owner of opay  and the

general manager, first of lets give you a brief opay.

History Of Opay

OPay offers freedom and security to all in Nigeria thanks to unparalleled mobile money

service. Pay the bills, transfer and receive money to the fullest.

OPay is a company founded by Opera Norway AS group in 2018 to offer unique payment

solutions for businesses and retail customers in Nigeria, Kenya and across Africa. In August


Opay was launched as a product in Nigeria and since then, it’s been on a journey of constant

growth. In December OPay processed 11 Billion Naira working with over 5,000 agents.

Who Is The General Manager Of Opay In Nigeria

Iniabasi Akpan (Ini) is the Country Manager for OPay in Nigeria, an International fintech company

which is a member of the Opera Group of Companies owners of Opera AS Norway developers of

the world leading browser Opera.

At OPay, Ini works with a core team of local and international experts to foster financial inclusion leveraging digital and mobile technologies to deliver financial services to the underbanked and unbanked in Nigeria and across Africa.

 Iniabasi Akpan Professional Career

Ini has held various key positions in the financial services and ICT sectors. Prior to his current role,

he was executive director of Telnet (Nigeria) Limited and managing director of SoftWorks Limited a (subsidiary of the Telnet group).

With over 23 years of experience in software and system engineering with a particular interest in IT business solutions, security and payment systems. Ini was responsible for software and systems engineering for all Telnet IT business solutions, payment initiatives and financial systems.

Responsible for the first large-scale deployment of two-factor authentication and public key infrastructure in Nigeria for the Central Bank (CBN) and the Nigerian interbank settlement system (NIBSS) – an automated check clearing system and the rapid downsizing of internal federal revenues System tax system (FIRS);

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How To Use Opay App

Ini has ensured that IT business solutions and payment systems meet customer needs and have the security and scalability required by the peculiarities of the Nigerian environment. In Telnet, Ini also led and managed the incubation and operations of PayCom Nigeria Limited, a mobile currency operator authorized by CBN in 2011 and subsequently acquired by OPay in 2017.

Education Career

Mr iniabasi akpan  is a B.Sc in Computer Science from the University of Lagos and an MBA from

IESE in Spain, Ini understands business and technology and is able apply the knowledge to any assignment or business role in which he is engaged.

Where Is Iniabasi from

Executive Manager Opay is from akwa Cross.

 Post Source: BBNaija Group

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